Upcoming: ley lines 2017

ley lines exhibition opening
October 7, 2017, 4pm – 6pm
Maxon Mills Gallery

Former Wassaic Project artists in residence Kat Clear, Sabrina Barrios, and Colin Radcliffe come together to take over the ground floor of Maxon Mills for this special fall exhibition. The show, on view from October through December, will be connected to the rest of the Maxon Mills tower for the Haunted Mill on October 28.

Please join us on October 7 to celebrate the opening of ley lines; light refreshments to be served. Plus, enjoy the family-friendly Hudson Valley Yarn Trail Crawl happening on Maxon Mills porch from 1pm – 6pm!



I thrive on the energy and exchange between us. Through a state of obsessed imagination that blends fantasy and reality, that is both compassionate and subversive, my work is a portrait of you and of me and of us together. Its a dizzying narrative filled with stories, details, feelings, all meshed into one; an effort to come to some kind of terms with my curiosity, memory, and attachment to the specifics of time and place.





Sabrina Barrios’ work questions our ideas of reality. In a mix of science, mythology and conspiracy theories, her multidisciplinary practice uses symbolism to take us back to the lost knowledge of ancient civilizations. In her research, Barrios focuses on what bonds and what controls us; on the power of faith; the inner universe; the multiverse; and how these things are connected, to build physical illusions of parallel dimensions and co-existing realities.





Death pervades my mind just as much as the beauty of flowers. Spirits guide my eye, constantly feeding me dreams, visions, signs, and symbols from the other side. In my work I imbue pain with sweetness, death with vibrancy, darkness with humor. It is a great comfort creating work about the afterlife and the sentiments of loved ones passed. So if spirits share answers with me, then I want to share that solace with them and with you.


The Hudson Valley Yarn Trail is an association of yarn shops, wool farms and fiber- related
businesses in the Lower Hudson Valley. Each year, shop owners and farms present a “Yarn Crawl” which is a multi-week event for yarn and fiber lovers connecting them to local yarn shops/farms within a specific area or city.  In addition, yarn crawl participants are encouraged to explore new towns and sample key sites near each shop/farm. The Crawl culminates in an event/party that brings people together to share fun, common interests, and meet new people.