Current: Summer 2017 – Vagabond Time Killers

2017 Summer Exhibition:


Maxon Mills Gallery

On view from Saturday, May 20 – Saturday, September 23


Friday 3-7pm, Saturday 12 – 7pm, and Sunday 12-5pm

Justin Balmain
Elias Hansen
Natalie Beall
Margeaux Walter
Joel Foster
Chrissy Scolaro
Yael Ben-Simon
Theresa Bloise
Paul Anagnostopoulos
Minhee Bae
Yael Eban
Tealia Ellis Ritter
Katie Hector
Jessye McDowell
Tiffany Tate
Kiernan Pazdar
Lesley Wamsley
Ella Weber
Anthony Bowers
Matthew Gamber
Joel Wellington Fisher
Jee Hwang
Jeremy Gecker
Natalia Nakazawa
Jen Hitchings
Kelli Rae Adams
Ryan Frank
Mike Levine
Haley Lauw (+Erik Pedersen)
Chloe Irla
Shannon Finnegan
Carrick Bell
Jing Yu
Jodie Cavalier
Meredith Drum
Tatiana Arocha
Natalie Baxter
Kirstin Lamb
Cole Lu
Alex McKenzie
Michael Menchaca
John O’Donnell
Eleanor Sabin
Jennifer Shepard
Ghost of a Dream
Enrique Figueredo
Steffi Drewes
Jesse Walton
Madeleine Cutrona
Rachel Haberstroh and Ridhi Singla

Exhibition Statement:

When Jeff can’t sleep he scours the web for “Wassaic” related items and last year he came across one of his best finds yet: an original photograph taken in Wassaic by a local photographer, featuring a group of young people holding banners reading VTK. Written on the back were the words “Vagabond Time Killers, 1901, Wassaic, NY.” This image shows a distinctively different time in this community, yet there is something vaguely familiar. Very little is known about this collection of individuals, and why this image was taken, but there is a palpable level of creativity, irreverence, and excitement captured in the group. It should not come as a surprise that we relate to this odd group of strangers photographed in our community almost 120 years ago!

This exhibition, Vagabond Time Killers, features the work of 53 emerging artists; the majority of which have come to us as artists-in-residence and have lived and worked here, in Wassaic. The works included depict each artist’s relationship, perception, and interpretation of our current location in space and time, and how art and its context can transform people, places, and ideas.

Each of these artists and their work are part of Wassaic’s quirky history, and embody the spirit of the Vagabond Time Killers.

Curated by Jeff Barnett-Winsby, Eve Biddle, and Bowie Zunino, Wassaic Project Co-Directors