Current: ley lines 2017

Fall Exhibition – ley lines 
Maxon Mills Gallery

Open Saturdays, 12-5pm, until December 16th

Former Wassaic Project artists in residence Kat Clear, Sabrina Barrios, and Colin Radcliffe come together to take over the ground floor of Maxon Mills for this special fall exhibition. The show, on view from October through December, will be connected to the rest of the Maxon Mills tower for the Haunted Mill on October 28.

Ley lines are ancient paths in the landscape that are believed to have spiritual significance. This exhibition imagines that the Maxon Mills is at the center of a ley line, which allows the Mill access to spiritual power and other dimensions. Viewers will follow a path throughout the ground floor that will lead to all of the pieces created by the three artists. The works of art showcased will offer a look into what these dimensions may look like. With their works, the artists look to ask the question, “Could these otherworldly spaces and places exist alongside our everyday watching us as they remain unseen?” The artwork displayed will offer a unique viewing experience.