Events: Mill Warming

2018 Mill Warming

Saturday, January 27, 2018

4 – 7pm:
– Open Studios with our January artists-in-residence (4 – 6pm)
– Opening of the winter exhibition, What We Don’t Realize When We See Things
– Artist Talk with interdisciplinary scholar and artist Ace Lehner (6pm)

Live music at The Lantern by Los Cumpleanos


What We Don’t Realize When We See Things
curated by Tara Foley, Will Hutnick & Jordan Hutton


participating artists:

Sarah AbarbanelShay ArickLisa Anne AuerbachLizzy DeVitaDan GluibizziJessica HarveyKija LucasLeeza MeksinShona McAndrewKaty McCarthy, Helina Metaferia, Devan Shimoyama, and Joy O. Ude


What We Don’t Realize When We See Things is a group exhibition composed of painting, drawing, video, sculpture, and performance that addresses everyday life that shapes who we are and how we relate to others. The participating artists tell stories about how we live, grow, intersect and connect, in a direct and visceral way. Vulnerability allows us to see beyond political divides and connect to another human being. There is an immediacy and a confrontation that is at the heart of this exhibition, one that seeks to foster communication and ultimately create a space of trust and compassion.

“ In a world where the ‘I’-ness and the ‘You’-ness didn’t matter quite as much, what would empathy feel like, or would it be the basis of all interactions? Language creates lines between things. What would happen if those lines became porous, tenuous? Having had unfettered access to the side of my brain that exists outside of language I know that it still exists in me, and in anyone with a brain. I imagine if we tapped into that space more, we might be able to relate to each other differently, finding more spaces for commonality than difference”.
– Lizzy DeVita, Lost for words: On an involuntary exercise in radical stillness


On view: January 27 – March 17


About Los Cumpleanos: 
Los Cumpleaños play classic era Cumbia, Porro, Son Caribeño, Salsa Criolla and Bullerengue from Colombia with the energy of a downtown punk rock band washed in a sea of cutting-edge psychedelic new wave synths & wild style retro organ sounds. They seamlessly combine heavy grooves and experimental sounds into a energetic, danceable, one-of-a-kind musical experience. Cumpleaños features virtuoso percussionist/vocalist Nestor Gomez from Barranquilla, Colombia, Lautaro Burgos from Chaco, Argentina on Drumset as well as Eric Lane on Keyboards and Alex Asher on Trombone from the USA. The members of Los Cumpleaños have played with a variety of notable artists including: Anival Velazquez, Lizandro Meza, Juan Piña, Alfredo Gutierrez, MAKU Soundsystem, Orquesta Dee Jay, Beyoncé, Joan as Police Woman, People’s Champs & The Superpowers.

image: Lisa Anne Auerbach