Events: Heather Metal Parking Lot


Saturday, July 15 at 8pm – Saturday, July 16 at 2am

The Wassaic Project // Luther Barn

19 Furnace Bank Road

Wassaic, NY 12592

SPACE IS LIMITED. We strongly encourage you to register in advance.


The Wassaic Project is thrilled to host the 4th annual HEATHER METAL PARKING LOT (HMPL) on July 15th at the Luther Barn. HMPL was founded in 2014 by former Wassaic Artists-in-Residence to celebrate the widespread cultural impact of heavy metal. This year’s event will feature a traditional pig roast, massive bonfire, heavy metal DJ’s, event-inspired artist projects and films, tattoos, beer pong, metal manicures, tons of ice cold beer, handmade t-shirts, making out in the woods with a stranger, camping, and a sweet hangover!




Registration includes:

  • – spit roasted pig & fixins’
  • – ice cold beer (a lot)
  • – camping (you must bring all the necessary equipment for camping)


Organized by: Roxanne Jackson, Chris Held, Mitch Miller, and Sean Fader
Participating artists: Roxanne Jackson, Chris Held, Mitch Miller, Sean Fader, Ghost of a Dream (Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was), Charlotte Caldwell, GURL DON’T BE DUMB (GDBD), Josh Kil, DJ Scotley Crüe (Scott Anderson), Brian Andrew Whiteley, DJ Wizzerd (Joel Fennell), Alex Yudzon,Rachel Finelli, Paul Bergeron, Leslie Kelman, Pet Cinematary aka Wendy Mays, Ryan Frank, Adams Puryear, Lauren Silberman, Liz Rodda & Katherine Hooper, Siebren Versteeg (KING PONG)

Artist made event t-shirts available for $20


Statement from the Artists:

During the summer of 2014, five residents of the Wassaic Project organized a metal themed field party drawing inspiration from the dark comedy Heathers (1988) and the documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986). This event would become somewhat infamous.

In the years that followed party-goers feasted on spit roasted pig served from the tailgate of a truck. Artist Eli Hansen, who seemingly emerged from the darkness, gave free metal-themed tattoos. Girl Don’t Be Dumb (GDBD) introduced a beer pong table and gave metal manicures. The movies got stranger, the bonfire larger, and the DJ set took a turn for the darker. A whole new generation of Wassaic artists-in-residence joined the ranks of HMPL. Some would go on to produce party-specific projects for the 2016 iteration of HMPL. Again, the party evolved and grew to feature three metal DJ’s, ‘Death Portraits’ photo booth, multiple tattoo artists, and multiple dump trucks full of hardwood for the fire.

This summer’s event, HEATHER METAL PARKING LOT IV, will showcase a series of artist made films, as well as satirical remixes of popular movies. Additionally, we will offer all of the other elements that make this event a memorable one, including a massive bonfire, spit roasted pig, event-specific art installations, handmade T-shirts, metal manicures, beer pong, performance art, tattoos, camping, hangovers, and heavy metal DJ’s.