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FILM: Wassaic Shorts Library; 2008-2015

Great news! Wassaic Film has a very special gift for you.

We’ve decided to organize every single awesome short we’ve screened, over the past eight years, into one place for easy viewing. This is it!

The shorts are arranged below in reverse chronological order, starting with our most recent 2015 Summer Festival and going all the way back to 2008. Within each section, you’ll see them in the exact order in which they were curated – just go down the list and enjoy!
-Liliana Greenfield-Sanders, Head of Film at The Wassaic Project
*Note: If a film is not yet available for direct streaming, we have included a link for you to purchase it or help you find it on your own.

2015 Festival – Shorts Programs I + II

Screened 07.31.15 + 08.01.15
Guest-Curated by Jason Sondhi


Short Film Program I, “Awkward Interpersonal Relations”: includes a mix of films from the United States and Israel, that all fearlessly brush past societal norms of acceptable behavior and find delight, humor and drama in the strangeness of how humans interact with one another.

2015 Short Program I:
A Reasonable Request / USA / 8 Min. (Andrew Laurich)
The Girlfriend Game / USA / 14 Min. (Armen Antranikian)
Avoidance / Israel / 5 Min. (Erica Rotberg)
This Is It / USA / 3 Min. (Alexander Engel)
Safety / USA / 12 Min. (Rory Uphold)
Ringo / Israel / 13 Min. (Yaara Sumeruk)

A REASONABLE REQUEST / USA / 8 Min. (Andrew Laurich) – A desperate son reconnects with his estranged father to ask an unspeakable favor that will change their lives forever.

THE GIRLFRIEND GAME / USA / 14 Min. (Armen Antranikian) – An erotic thriller about a twisted game a couple plays at bars. Then, one night, things get out of hand.

The_Girlfriend_Game_Armen_AntranikianAVOIDANCE / Israel / 5 Min. (Erica Rotberg) – A short animation about people’s emotional detachment from reality.

THIS IS IT / USA / 3 Min. (Alexander Engel) – Two college kids. First apartment. Shit gets real. Fast.

SAFETY / USA / 12 Min. (Rory Uphold) – Andy tries to get over her ex by getting under Morgan.

RINGO / Israel / 14 Min. (Yaara Sumeruk) – A lonely middle-aged mother hires a young male prostitute for an evening.


Short Film Program II, “Offbeat Fantasies,” is comprised of stories that upend reality. These shorts hail from New Zealand, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S., but all capture our imaginations in their own way and on their own terms – taking us to places we have never known.

2015 Short Program II:
Yearbook / USA / 6 Min. (Bernardo Britto)
He Took His Skin Off For Me / UK / 11 Min. (Ben Aston)
Snooze Time / New Zealand / 7 Min. (Ivan Barge)
My Mom is an Airplane / Russia / 7 Min. (Yulya Aronova)
Sleepover LA / USA / 14 Min. (Lily Baldwin)
Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger / USA / 10 Min. (Michael Lukk Litwak)

YEARBOOK / USA / 6 Min. (Bernado Britto) – With the end of the world imminent, a man is hired to write the history of human existence.
Yearbook_Bernardo_BrittoHE TOOK HIS SKIN OFF FOR ME / UK / 11 Min. (Ben Aston) – The story of a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and why it probably wasn’t the best idea.

SNOOZE TIME / New Zealand / 7 Min. (Ivan Barge) – A woman reflects on the effects and implications of time throughout the course of her life.

MY MOM IS AN AIRPLANE / Russia / 7 Min. (Yulya Aronova) – Yulya Aranova’s Annie-nominated short is child-like innocence and wonder epitomized.

SLEEPOVER LA / USA / 15 Min. (Lily Baldwin) – An innocent tourist travels to LA and unexpectedly conjures her sister’s last night alive.

LIFE AND DEATH OF TOMMY CHAOS AND STACEY DANGER / USA / 10 Min. (Michael Lukk Litwak) – Dinosaurs have invaded the earth but neither Tommy nor Stacey care anymore, now that they’ve met each other.

2014 Festival – Shorts Programs I + II

Screened 08.01.14 + 08.02.14 at The Wassaic Project
Guest-Curated by Jason Sondhi


Short Film Program I, Documentaries: In Program I, we look to highlight creativity in the factual realm, exploring innovative films in Documentary. Formally distinct, and radically unfamiliar, the films share a common thread—the primacy of sharing our personal stories.

2014 Short Film Program I:
The Runners (Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley)
As I Am (Alan Spearman)
Battle of the Jazz Guitarist (Mark Columbus)
Lies (Jonas Odell)
The Voyagers (Penny Lane)

THE RUNNERS / UK / 11 Min. (Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley) – Pounding the tarmac through the seasons, a band of runners are brazenly challenged with intimate questions as they pace their routes.

AS I AM / USA / 13 Min. (Alan Spearman) – Chris Dean’s heart stopped when he was two. When Chris was five, his father was murdered, riddled by more than 20 bullets in a gang shootout. Chris is a poetic observer with much to say about life in South Memphis.

BATTLE OF THE JAZZ GUITARIST / USA / 7 Min. (Mark Columbus) – A deceptively simple film about “the Jimi Hendrix of Fiji,” forced to take a menial job in the United States when his wife became pregnant with the filmmaker.

LIES / Sweden / 13 Min. (Jonas Odell) – A triptych of personal stories recounted in the first person, Lies is a remarkable and profound series of animated vignettes dramatizing “lies”—ones we make to strangers, ones we tell to those we love, and the ones we use to convince ourselves.

THE VOYAGERS / USA / 16 Min. (Penny Lane) – Lyrical, meditative documentary on the immensity of the universe and the persistent human spirit to experience it to the utmost.


Short Film Program II, Love & Humanity: In Program II we traverse the scripted realm, and rather than explore innovation in form, we consider subject. Using the prism of love, we share often bittersweet stories that are novel in the way they hone in on the dramatic elements of life and relationships. These are moments that are too fragile, too specific for other visual mediums to tackle, but, through exquisite focus, they do wonders in communicating what it means to be human. 

2014 Short Film Program II:
Margo Lily (Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart)
Crush (Rachel Antonoff & Biana Giaever)
Flamingos (Francesca Coppola)
Skin (Jordana Spiro)
Requiem for Romance (Jonathan Ng)

Karaoke! (Andrew Renzi)

MARGO LILY / Canada / 8 Min. (Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart) – A couple is determined to plant a tree in the middle of winter following the loss of their child.

CRUSH / USA / 6 Min. (Rachel Antonoff & Bianca Giaever) – An internet breakout filmmaker + a rising fashion designer with tons of celeb friends = an adorable fashion film about love.

FLAMINGOS / Italy / 15 Min. (Francesca Coppola) – Father and daughter share a sentimental moment, but trouble boils under the surface.

SKIN / USA / 12 Min. (Jordana Spiro) –  A child taxidermist, an outsider in his small town, is entranced by a girl who finds his work beautiful. But just as their relationship begins to progress, he does something that drastically changes everything.

REQUIEM FOR ROMANCE / Canada / 7 Min. (Jonathan Ng) – In this “crouching love, hidden breakup” story, inspired by 50′s Shanghai water ink animation & kung fu films, themes of distance, tradition, art and longing dominate a telephonic conversation.

KARAOKE! / USA / 13 Min. (Andrew Renzi) – On a night out in New York City, a young man avoids his problems.

2013 Festival – Shorts Programs I + II

Screened 08.02.13 + 08.03.13 at The Wassaic Project
Curated by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

THE APOCALYPSE / USA / 6 Min. (Andrew Zuchero) – Four uninspired friends try to come up with a terrific idea for how to spend their Saturday afternoon.

EYEBALL EDDIE / USA / 29 Min. (Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum) – In the world of high-school wrestling, there is only the strong and the weak – and Eddie Malick may be the weakest you’ve ever seen.



2013 Short Film Program I:
A Goldfish Documentary (Elizabeth Stehling and Steve Snell)
The Arm (Sarah Ramos, Brie Larson and Jessie Ennis)
The Eagleman Stag (Mikey Please)
Social Butterfly (Lauren Wolkstein)

A GOLDFISH DOCUMENTARY / USA / 10 Min. (Elizabeth Stehling and Steve Snell) – A Goldfish Documentary tells the story of Noodles and Tony P, two small goldfish from the Great Plains of Nebraska, and follows them on their journey to the hamlet of Wassaic, NY. Co-Directed by Steve Snell and Elizabeth Stehling, this documentary is the product of their 2013 Wassaic Project summer Artist’s Residency. They are the first-ever Wassaic residents to screen a film at the summer festival.

THE ARM / USA / 10 Min. (Sarah Ramos, Brie Larson and Jessie Ennis) – In an attempt to keep up with social pressure in a technologically advanced world, Chance starts a texting relationship with Genevieve, a girl he meets at a yogurt shop.

“The Arm” is only available for purchase on iTunes. Click here to purchase.


THE EAGLEMAN STAG / UK / 9 Min. (Mikey Please) – The larger our past gets, the smaller our present feels.
This gorgeous, BAFTA award winning film is (according to the director), “mostly made out of some strange white stuff, found in the back of a stress cushion.”

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY / USA + France / X Min. (Lauren Wolkstein) – A 30-year-old American woman (Anna Margaret Hollyman) enters into a teenage party in the South of France. Some of the guests wonder who she is and what she is doing there. Both Wolkstein and Hollyman have screened films at past Wassaic festivals.



2013 Short Film Program II:
Curfew (Shawn Christensen)
Magnesium (Sam de Jong)
The Promise (Sam Molleur)
RPG OKC (Emily Carmichael)
Fool’s Day (Cody Blue Snider)

CURFEW / USA / 20 min. (Shawn Christensen) – Winner of the 2013 Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short Film. At the lowest point of his life, Richie gets a call from his estranged sister asking him to look after his nine-year old niece for a few hours.
Curfew has since been made into a feature length film, Before I Disappear. The feature is now available on Netflix.

“Curfew” is only available for purchase on iTunes. Click here to purchase.

MAGNESIUM / Holland / 21 Min. (Sam de Jong) – A talented gymnast makes a life-changing discovery as she prepares for an important tournament, which is her last chance to reach the top.

If you enjoy this, be sure to look out for Sam’s new feature film PRINCE (2015).

THE PROMISE / USA / 7 Min. (Sam Molleur) – This dark comedy takes the meaning of loyalty to a whole new level, as a good friend attempts to follow through on a five year old promise he made to a close friend.

RPG OKC / USA / 10 Min. (Emily Carmichael) – Two video game characters that forge an unlikely romance.

FOOL’S DAY / USA / 19 min. (Cody Blue Snider) – A 3rd grade class pulls an innocent, April Fool’s prank on their teacher that ends up accidentally killing her. They become so convinced they will all go to prison for this, that they decide to cover up the murder and hide the body before their DARE officer shows up for his weekly lesson.

2012 Festival – Shorts Program

Screened 08.03.12 + 08.04.12 at The Wassaic Project
Curated by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

2012 Short Film Program:
The Chair (Grainger David)
Fishing Without Nets (Cutter Hodierne)
A Brief History of John Baldessari (Henry Joost & Rel Shulman)
The Vacuum Kid (Katherine Mahalic)

THE CHAIR / USA / 10 min. (Grainger David) – A young boy attempts to understand his mother’s death, his grandmother’s obsession with their discarded recliner, and the roots of a short-lived, strange, and inexplicable plague that has hit the small town he lives in. Winner of SXSW Short Film Jury Prize and a selection of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.


FISHING WITHOUT NETS / USA / 15 min. (Cutter Hodierne) – Cast entirely with Somali-refugees found on the streets of Mombasa, Kenya – “Fishing Without Nets” tells the story of a Somali Pirate from the pirates perspective. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, Hodierne went on to make the feature version of this film, which won the 2014 Sundance Film Festival’s Best Director Prize. It is available on Itunes and was produced by Vice Films.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF JOHN BALDESSARI / USA / 6 min. (Henry Joost & Rel Shulman) – The epic life of a world-class artist, jammed into six minutes–narrated by Tom Waits. Commissioned by LACMA for their first annual “Art + Film Gala” honoring John Baldessari and Clint Eastwood.

THE VACUUM KID / USA / 10 min. (Katherine Mahalic) – Imagine being 12-years-old and the owner of more than 160 vacuum cleaners. Imagine that your hobby and passion brought you into a world of entertainment, celebrities and game shows. Imagine being Kyle Krichbaum. This ten-minute documentary is about a 5th grade boy from Michigan who stands up for what he believes in – his love for the vacuum cleaner.

2011 Festival – Shorts Program

Screened 08.05.11 + 08.06.11 at The Wassaic Project
Curated by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

2011 note from our programmer:
Short films are often labors of love, difficult to make and dependent on support from friends, family, and fellow artists.  At the end of the day, there are very few options to have this work seen by a larger audience.  At the Wassaic Project, we are proud to provide a non-traditional space for talented, emerging filmmakers to show their short films and engage with their audiences.  We seek out shorts that are challenging, innovative and, above all, entertaining.  I hope you’ll join us at the auction ring for the festival, but if you can’t, please check out their work at the links below.  And keep an eye out for these names in the future.  Past Wassaic Alums have included Academy Award Winners, Berlin and Cannes Film Festival participants, and two short films that are being developed into features at the 2011 Sundance Labs.

-Director of Film Programming, Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

2011 Short Film Program I:
Patrol (John Patton Ford)
Suu and Uchikawa (Nathanael Carton)
The Strange Ones (Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein)
Love/Hate (Ben Wishaw)

PATROL / USA / 8 min. (John Patton Ford) – Desperate to reconnect with his young son after taking on a new job as a nightshift guard at a shopping mall, Norm goes along with young Justin’s mistaken assumption that his dad is now a policeman.

SUU AND UCHIKAWA / USA / 8 min. (Nathanael Carton) – An elderly Japanese man and his young Burmese partner find their union at threat when the immigration services discover that she resides in Japan illegally.
(Official Selection Cannes Film Festival 2011.)


THE STRANGE ONES / USA / 15 min. (Christopher Radcliffe and Lauren Wolkstein) – A man and a boy, traveling to an unknown destination, find respite in a motel swimming pool. On the surface all seems normal, but nothing is what it seems to be.

LOVE/HATE / UK / 19 min. (Blake Ritson and Dylan Ritson, starring Ben Whishaw) – A sweet-natured charity worker finds his life turned upside down when he falls in love with a mysterious woman.

2011 Short Film Program II:
Little Horses (Levi Abrino)
Ten Years From Now (Jordan Schiele)
The Poodle Trainer (Vance Malone)
The Substitute (Talya Lavie)

LITTLE HORSES / USA / 8 min. (Levi Abrino) – A bittersweet comedy about a divorced small town postal worker, Dave, who tries to win his family back by getting his son a pony for his 8th birthday. (Written by Levi Abrino & Luke Matheny)

TEN YEARS FROM NOW / USA / 8 min. (Jordan Schiele) – Amid the alleyway homes of Shanghai, a dinner-theater performer chases after her colleague as he struggles with his own sexuality.”

THE POODLE TRAINER / USA / 8 min. (Vance Malone) – Irina Markova, a solitary Russian poodle trainer, reveals her transcendent relationship with her dogs.

THE SUBSTITUTE / USA / 19 min. (Talya Lavie) – Zohara serves as a clerk in a distant military base and hates every minute of it. When she finally gets her opportunity to leave, her hopes fall short as the new girl who arrives to replace her appears to be suicidal.

“The Substitute” won Berlinale’s Short Film Prize and was later developed at the Sundance Institute’s Screenwriting and Directing Labs into the feature film, ZERO MOTIVATION. The resulting film, Talya Lavie’s debut feature, won the Nora Ephron award at Tribeca, the Israeli “Oscar” and screened at the 2014 Wassaic Project. You can Watch it on Netflix here.



Guest-Curated by Joshua Frankel

“The films in this program explore the concept of collage in motion pictures through juxtapositions, both stark and subtle of media, aesthetic and authorship.  The media incorporated into the films include the handmade marks, handmade objects, found objects, photographs, stylized computer generated imagery and live-action footage.  The act of collage reminds the viewer that motion-picture is an object crafted by an artist or team of artists.  These films feature the fingerprints of their creators prominently.  They are also a lot of fun.”
-Joshua FrankelDirectors:
Mato Atom
Jordan Bruner
Yves Geleyn
Jasmin Jodry
David Lobser
Mixtape Club
Hayley Morris
Arvind Palep
David Prosser
PSST (exquisite corpse style directing curated by Bran Dougherty-Johnson including Ryan Dunn, Paul Cayrol, Masayoshi Nakamura, Ryan Rothermel and Thai Tran, Jon Saunders, Cary Janks and Caroline Attia)
Katja Schweiker and Thomas Frenzel
Molly Schwartz
Matt Smithson
Ned Wenlock
Xaver Xylophon and Laura Junger

Images above are work by: Matt Smithson, Katja Schweiker/Thomas Frenzel and Hayley Morris

2010 Festival – Shorts Program

Screened 08.13.10 + 08.14.10 at The Wassaic Project
Curated by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

2010 Short Film Program:
Miracle Fish (Luke Doolan)
Herbert White (James Franco)
God of Love (Luke Matheny)
Eddie (Yael Mayorek)
Love at First Sight (Michael Davies)
The 4th of July Parade (Miranda Rhyne)
8 year old Joe has a birthday he will never forget.

Herbert White – In this film based on the poem by the same name, a man struggles with his inner demons while trying to live a normal family life.


GOD OF LOVE – (Luke Matheny) Lounge-singing darts champion Raymond Goodfellow’s prayers are answered – literally – when he receives a package of passion-inducing darts. For purchase here on iTunes.


2009 Festival – Shorts Program

Screened 08.14.09 + 08.15.09 at The Wassaic Project
Curated by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

2009 Short Film Program:
Adelaide (Liliana Greenfield-Sanders)
Asshole (Chad Harbold)
Knife Point (Carlo Mirabella Davis)
Lido and Ix (Emily Carmichael)
Parachutes (Lucas Fleischer and Paul Grellong)
Short Term 12 (Destin Daniel Cretton)
The Sleuth Incident (Jason Kupfer)

Knife Point (Carlo Mirabella Davis)- An evangelical family passing through upstate New York gives a ride to an unusual traveling knife salesman

Adelaide – Adelaide is looking for love in all the wrong places.  Seeking attention by faking illnesses, Adelaide runs into Brad at the pharmacy counter, turning her strategy – and their lives – upside down.

2008 Festival – Shorts Program

Screened 08.22.08 + 08.23.08 at The Wassaic Project
Curated by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

2008 Short Film Program:
Anna (Liliana Greenfield-Sanders)
TKTKTKTK (Joshua Frankel)