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Sunday, August 7



Grammy Award-winning musician Dan Zanes headlines Kids + Family Day at the Wassaic Summer Festival on Sunday, August 7th. Kids and parents alike dig his soulful, exuberant music. Family-friendly activities also include dance lessons for young ones and their adult counterparts, art-making workshops, family-friendly short films, field games, and much more. Admission is FREE. Check out the complete festival schedule below.



Otto’s Djam Gong Gamelan

12 – 1PM @ Gridley Lawn Stage


Dan Zanes

1 – 2PM @ Gridley Lawn Stage

Grammy Award winner Dan Zanes entertains all-ages audiences with his soulful, handmade family music. He creates the sound of modern-day America with deep roots and a fresh spirit that inspires audiences to sing and dance with wild abandon. In the song Gusto Hour, Dan performs a mix of traditional and original songs in a style New York Magazine described as “…the happiest concert vibe since Woodstock. With a lot less mud.”



Art Nest

12 – 5PM @ Maxon Mills

Art Nest is a free drop-in studio space in Maxon Mills. Kids of all ages are invited to do individual and collaborative art projects, build creative skills, and engage with contemporary art.


Children’s Dance Class with Ashe Turner

12:45 – 1 pm @ Maxon Mills Porch


Teens + Adults Bookbinding Workshop with Audra Wolowiec & Leon Johnson

1 – 2PM @ Luther Barn

For adults and teens ages 16 and up! 

Artists Leon Johnson and Audra Wolowiec will lead participants in a bookbinding session to produce a hand-bound, 16th century journal. Geographic explorations will be encouraged to use the book as a form of wayfinding, through the inclusion of envelopes and foldout pages. All materials will be provided and all ages welcome.

Pirate’s Nest

1 – 4PM @ Art Nest, Maxon Mills

For kids of all ages.

All ages are welcome to participate in a pirate themed workshop! Activities include: making soft sculpture swords, pirate themed face painting, writing a message in a bottle, making treasure maps, creating pirate costumes, and more!

At 4PM on Saturday and Sunday,  a pirate walk will take place, where everyone can wear their pirate costumes and bring their projects to artist Madeleine Stern’s installation at Luther Barn

Crow’s Nest with Madeleine Stern

2 – 5PM @ Luther Barn

For kids of all ages.

All aboard! Make some art in Art Nest and bring your work to add to the Crow’s Nest, a ship installation for sailors of all ages.


Family Bookmaking Workshop with Cat Glennon

2:15 – 3:15PM @ Art Nest, Maxon Mills

For kids ages 6 and up.  

This workshop will introduce all ages to basic bookbinding. Pamphlet stitch, single page, accordion fold and rubber band binding will be explored. All ages and skill levels welcome. Drop in anytime during the workshop to participate, everyone goes home with a unique book that they’ve made themselves.


Kids’ Short Films

12 – 1PM @ Auction Ring, Luther Barn

Curated by Jason Sondhi, founder of  Short of the Week

Family friendly short films – all ages welcome!


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.33.25 AMSausage

UK /6min. (Robert Grieves) – SAUSAGE is the story of two artisan stallholders who’s idyllic market square is invaded by a slick fast-food vendor. What methods must these traditional providores invent to battle for their livelihoods? The turf war brings them together through one truly original idea, embracing darker and suggestive humour to deliver the winning blow.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.33.39 AM
So you’ve grown attached

US /15min. (Kate Tsang) – An off-beat comedy about Ex, an imaginary friend, who is forced to consider retirement when his creator, Izzy, starts to grow up.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.33.57 AM
Lost Property

UK /6min. (Åsa Lucander) – When you lose something dear to your heart, there is only one place it can be found. The Lost Property office.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.01.01 AM
Trash Cat

US/2 min. (Kelsey Goldych)

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.04.40 AM

8 min. (Natalia Mirzoyan) – The film is made of different types of tea leaves.





2nd Third Best (Free) Oatmeal Buffet in North America

with Rob Guroff & Alex Goldmark

8 – 9:30AM @ Luncheonette, Luther Barn

All ages welcome.

Hot coffee and tea and all the tops for your slop, from your friends.


Goldenrod Tea Ceremony with Brigitta Viradi

10AM – 12PM @ Luther Barn

All ages welcome.

Through the reassessment of a daily activity, Goldenrod examines how memory can inform our present day perspectives and artistic expression along with the question behind that what is touching and tasting, or at least the yielding to a tactual provocation means for us as the recipients of art. Does the activation of senses other than vision launch some other mechanisms for understanding of works of art?


Summer Exhibition: Appetite for Destruction

12 – 5PM @ Maxon Mills

All ages welcome.

Check out over 65 emerging artists featured in our 9th annual summer exhibition, Appetite for Destruction.


Homo[+]/Homo 2, Phase 3 by Dana Hemes

12 – 4PM @ Maxon Mills Food Court

All ages welcome.

An interactive, interspecies candy experience connecting eating, environmental factors, various microbial communities, and brain activity. The bacteria in our gut (gut flora) directly affects the way we think about and perceive the world. Therefore, the human is not a singular organism, but is instead a complex community. If our lifestyle and food choices shape our gut flora, and our gut flora shapes our thinking… How does our understanding of nutrition change when we consider eating for multiple species?


Halloween Superstore by Ryan Peter Miller & Marco Rosichelli

12 – 4PM @ Luther Barn

All ages welcome.


Capture the Flag with Mitch Miller

2 – 3PM @ Gridley Lawn

Lots of running! Appropriate for kids ages 10 and up.

Come play Capture the Flag using the hamlet of Wassaic as the playing field. This all-ages game explores the concept of “Social Equity Through Ecological Action”.  Using the many nooks and crannies of Wassaic as hiding places and strategic locations to grab your opponent’s flag, while working as a team, generates camaraderie among all walks of life. Running around outside taps into our need to connect with nature. We will be meeting at 2 PM at the fence next to Maxon Mills for a quick orientation and explanation of the game.