Public Programming Archive: 2014 Music Lineup

2014 Festival Lineup

The Suzan

The Suzan are a pop-rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 2004 by sisters Rie (keyboards and vocals) and Saori (guitar and vocals). Soon they added school friends Nico (drums) and Ikue (bass) where their sound has been variously described as riot-grrl, pop and punk, and also incorporates elements of jazz, soul, surf and dance music.

Body Language

Body Language

Fresh off the success of last year’s Social Studies LP—which earned the approval of everyone from NPR to The New York Times to The Guardian, the Brooklyn based electro-dance quartet are ready to reveal their sophomore album Grammar.  Like Social Studies, this sophomore release embodies the band’s restless pop experiments with a future-shocked blend of soul and R&B.


Mikkel Hess functions as Minister of Integration with a terrific 7 piece LIVE band and collaborators in various fields. H.I.M. is ultimately the sum of all the great artists that are and have been part of the concerts, projects, parties, films, plays, studio sessions, travels and more.

French Horn Rebellion

FHR 02871.jpg
Brooklyn-based electro-rock duo French Horn Rebellion features the talents of brothers David and Robert Perlick-Molinari. With a name inspired by the combination of David’s skills as a computer sound engineer and Robert having once been the first chair French horn player in the Northwestern University Symphony Orchestra, French Horn Rebellion make ’80s-influenced electronic pop with an often wry, campy sense of humor.

Mira Cook

Mira Cook is a vocalist and musician living in New York City. She loops vocal harmonies, keyboard, drum machine, and other instruments building eclectic and hypnotic songs.

Turner Cody

Turner Cody is a songwriter in the American tradition, an artist whose vision blends the old with the new, the hope-filled with the melancholic, the sacred with the profane. A prolific songwriter, he has been performing and recording for over ten years. He has toured Europe and the UK since 2003 with Herman Dune, Adam Green, James Levy and others and has appeared on some of New York’s finest stages with the Citizen’s Band.

Rocky and the Pressers

Rocky and the Pressers
Rocky and The Pressers are a six piece contemporary reggae band based in The Bronx, New York. The Pressers refresh the traditional genre tropes with lush vocal harmonies and flares of American folk and soul music. Their debut album was tracked primarily on a remote island in coastal Maine and features horns from Sharon Jones & The Dapkings and Antibalas.

Elijah and the Moon

While attending the Studio Composition program at SUNY Purchase, singer-songwriter Elijah Wolf-Christensen began working with the bassist and arranger Gianluca Minnuci and violinist Kenneth Trotter–both fellow students and close friends. Thus Elijah & the Moon was formed, bringing together the honest roots folk of the Hudson Valley, a full and energetic rock band feel, and conservatory training.

Thomas Wesley Stern


Thomas Wesley Stern are best friends from Ocean County, NJ. No, really. It only takes watching them once to see the connection they have to one another, the level of attention they pay to their voices and instruments. Stitching strings plucked and bowed together with voices and horns, Thomas Wesley Stern sings about personal themes: love and despair, death and joy, even the possibility that the past and future may be contained in the present. In a relaxed way, their music speaks on behalf of a time that we believe to be better than this, but suggests that the best is yet to come.

Kwesi Kankam

kwesi-may-6th_1000Fresh off the release of “Pronouns,” 2013 found Kwesi K touring the Midwest and Northeast extensively, sharing the stage with the likes of Rosanne Cash, Antje Duvekot, Ellis Paul and Judith Hill (The Voice), and hitting the college circuit. As indie blogger Selfblown recently noted, “There’s something truly unique about his delivery and writing which harks back to his African descent, the drums, the wind instruments, the slightly gospel style backing vocals, it’s all seriously good.”

Tim Love Lee

Tim Love Lee is an English musician, record producer and DJ. He is the founder of Tummy Touch Records and a pioneer of electronic dance music and trip hop. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s Lee released three albums and three commercially available mix albums. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and does a radio show every Tuesday evening on East Village Radio.

Dear Georgiana

Dear Georgiana is the music of Brooklyn-based and Alabama-born Lauren Balthrop. Born at the intersection of two roads and a couple of towns, Dear Georgiana sings songs that need singing.

Bryce Hackford

Bryce Hackford // Photo by Nir Arieli
Bryce Hackford makes sound recordings that range from pop and art music to the field and sound for industrial use; performs solo, with groups; produces sound and music for theatrical work, film, dance; experiments extensively with DJ format, including Deep Trouble.


WEREBEARS is a experimental Indie-Electronic band from New Jersey. Upsurging from a post-punk & screamo background, WEREBEARS applies core DIY punk fundamentals to rhythm driven electronic and aggressive folk guitar styles.

Tom Csatari

Born in Dallas, Texas; raised partly in New Hampshire; and now based in New York City; guitarist/composer/bandleader Tom Csatari (pronounced chuh-tar-ee) is an eclectic musician, drawing inspiration from his patchwork American identity, in search of unique and shareable sound(s).

Electric Junkyard

Electric Junkyard GamelanElectric Junkyard is the brainchild of band leader, composer and instrument builder Terry Dame. Performing her original groove-driven music on self-invented instruments, this unique band has a distinct voice that is at once both old and new. 

King Mono

King Mono

King Mono is the band/production duo of Little Shalimar (neé Torbitt Schwartz) and Jeremy Wilms.  The two met doing time in the rhythm section of the legendary Afrobeat unit Antibalas.  Combining elements of Funk, RnB, House, Dance Hall, Hip Hop, and 70’s big beat rock, King Mono’s sound should be welcomed by fans of other genre bending futurists like Gnarls Barkley and Little Dragon.

ID M Theftable

“Perhaps the most insubordinate and virtuosic sound artist I’ve seen with my two eyes. Sure, dude can manipulate a bunch of knobs. But all he needs is his mouth and hands to produce a mind-blowingly far out noise set.” -Noisey, music by VICE