Public Programming Archive: 2013 Music Lineup

2013 Festival Lineup

Check out a playlist of this year’s performers on Spotify:

Celestial Shore


Celestial Shore’s debut EP California Eden clocks in at four tracks in seven minutes flat. In that brief span, it shifts gears recklessly between multithreaded, intensely melodic motifs – the collected effect is one of gunning your ’41 woody straight off the pier, smack through the loop-de-loop, and out into the surf. The Brooklyn-based trio followed this EP with the Place Aux Dames 7″ on Double Denim Records, and late last year released a four-song all-analog split tape with Shopping Spree on Prison Art.

Chico Mann

Chico Mann has created a musical time machine that simultaneously fuses the sounds of 1970s Afrobeat, 1980s Freestyle and Afro Cuban in a hybrid beast of culture and tone. Its the big ‘what if’ Freestyle, Chico’s choruses of multi-layered vocals with funky guitar lines helps to cool off the heat created between the bass and rhythm… creating a unique conversation of color and value that pays homage to the past but raises the bar for the future.

Dear Georgiana

Dear Georgiana
Dear Georgiana is the music of Brooklyn-based and Alabama-born Lauren Balthrop. Born at the intersection of two roads and a couple of towns, Dear Georgiana sings songs that need singing.

Great State

Great State is a six-piece Indie Rock band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Led by singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Levon Henry, humming guitars and swirling orchestrations provide the scenery for his not-quite fictitious, yet not-quite biographical narratives.

Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang

Sierra Leonean singer Janka Nabay exclaims: “All I am about is making history,” a modest goal for someone who revived a fading musical treasure, made it big back home, escaped war and chaos, and still managed to write and play songs while working at American fast-food fryers. Now, at last, Nabay hits his stride with Brooklyn indie experimenters-turned-acolytes The Bubu Gang (with members of Skeletons, Chairlift, Starring, Saadi, and Highlife) on his first album-length release in the West, En Yay Sah (“I’m Scared’).


Javelin is the creative endeavor of George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk, cousins from New England. Javelin has played shows and toured with Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, Future Islands, Matt & Kim, Warpaint, Major Lazer, performed at Lollapalooza and The Whitney Museum, as well as parties across the US, Europe, and South America. Their new album is called Hi Beams, and their stage show is sure to amaze.

Kwesi Kankam

Kwesi recently released his first EP ‘Ran Away From Me’ back in March 2012. Since then, he has been touring America extensively from coffee shops to large venues in hopes that his soul-centric and heartfelt music will catch on. His latest single, “By My Side”, was dropped not too long ago. Check it out!

Moon Hooch

Moon Hooch copy
The reaction is instantaneous. It doesn’t even matter when they’re the opening act no one in the room has heard before — as soon as Moon Hooch starts playing, it’s as if the room becomes a living, surging, pulsing thing. They call it “cave music”: like house music, but more primitive and jagged and raw. But there are no DJs or manufactured beats here — just one drum kit and two saxophones.

Portable Sunsets

Portable Sunsets is the solo project of artist and musician Peter Segerstrom. Peter studied Electronic Music with Miller Puckette (the creator of Max/MSP) in California and has forged a unique balance between hand-made techno and experimental organic warmth ever since.

Rocky and the Pressers

Rocky and The Pressers
Rocky and The Pressers are a contemporary reggae band based in The Bronx, New York. The Pressers refresh the traditional genre tropes with lush vocal harmonies and flares of American folk and soul music. Intelligent, charming and passionate performers, the band never disappoints.

Roosevelt Dime

Welcome to the world of Roosevelt Dime, a five-piece, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based band that blends elements of acoustic jug-band blues, classic New Orleans soul and neo-folk to create an original sound best described as Kings County Steamboat Soul. The band’s nontraditional lineup — consisting of banjo, electric and washtub basses, percussion, trumpet and woodwinds — and seamless mixture of musical genres has been described as “a perpetual crowd-pleaser” by the New York Times. Now, the group is poised for a breakthrough with its new album Steamboat Soul.

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion

Johnny and Sarah 175
We’re excited to announce that Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion will be joining the festival lineup! The folk-rock duo is excited to share songs from their new album, Wassaic Way. Produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and Patrick Sansone, we’ll get a taste of the 11 new tracks before the album comes out August 6th.

Seasick Mama

Seasick Mama… a woman that defines complexity… an exhibitionist with a dash of reservation. Seasick Mama is a singer, songwriter, performer, and model. Her current EP Dead Like Money has allowed her to “break genres and the traditional expectations of a pop artist” (Ladygunn Magazine). The work truly expresses her desire to not be bound by one idea. Each song stands on its own as a snapshot of our past, present, and future. Her next EP, Tip Top Shape, produced by David Sitek (TV on the Radio), Sam Farrar (Phantom Planet) and Peter Wade (MNDR) will be released early Fall 2013. This EP takes on a new sound, a new perspective, and an entirely new voice. A collection of fascinating tales and eclectic bliss delivered with a voice that will make you a believer. Seasick Mama is for real.

Superhuman Happiness

Movement becomes contagious listening to Superhuman Happiness whose joyful sound has been dubbed “physical cinematic dance rock.” Their debut LP, Hands, runs the gamut from celebratory syncopated handclaps to the coronation grandeur of church bells. They recently wrote and performed, with the accompaniment of Kronos Quartet, the score to the Academy Award-nominated documentary film, How To Survive A Plague.

And our Wassaic Festival alums…

Thomas Wesley Stern

“With a sound that is both nostalgic and contemporary, the four piece band seamlessly weaves their brand of folk with timeless themes of love, loss, and whiskey, while playing shows for old-timers and indie kids alike. Many will be surprised to hear more than just the acoustic instruments featured on their first two albums, but the addition of brass and electric guitar only builds upon their folky roots.” – Chris Bodnarczuk, Tri-Cities Carousel