2014: Seeing This Guy

A Program of Events, Installations, and Participatory Projects

Location: Wassaic Project Grounds

August 1-3, 2014

We live in a world of cloud storage, live streaming, and Facetime, yet we constantly lose signals and miss connections. Genuine conversation and exchange are replaced by emoticons and hashtags. A program of events, installations, and participatory projects occurring around the hamlet throughout the festival weekend, Seeing This Guy offers respite by fostering human-to-human interaction. Participating artists will create sites and situations for connection and conversation ranging from Zebediah Keneally’s Fight Night, a multi-part tournament featuring gods, celebrities, and Abraham Lincoln, to Cosmo Design Factory’s Architectural Beasts: The Photo Booth, which uses masks to celebrate the intimacy of human interaction with architecture. In turns loud, playful, and contemplative, the events that make up Seeing This Guy will bring us together and give us space to reflect.


Cosmo Design Factory, Harvest Henderson, Zebadiah Keneally, Bryant Musgrove & Melissa Swantkowski, Megan Mosholder,  Emily Puthoff & Elena Sniezek, Kenneth Thomas & Vicki Shaheen, Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin, Sarah Sandman, videokaffe

Curated by:

Bowie Barnett-Zunino, Jeff Barnett-Winsby, Eve Biddle – Wassaic Project Co-Directors; Curatorial Assistant: Shannon Finnegan, Wassaic Project Exhibitions and Festival Director

Cosmo Design Factory
Architectural Beasts: The Photobooth

Outside Maxon Mills
Architectural Beasts is a project that illustrates the intimacy of architecture by applying its form directly to the human body through the use of masks. Participants are welcome to try on masks with friends and family, to see what new characters they can create together and then document their interactions with a photo.

Harvest Henderson
Sing When We Can / Difficult Access 

Near Luther Barn
This temporary outdoor installation uses materials collected in the surrounding area to consider ideas of the land as a living record.

Zebadiah Keneally
Fight Night!

Luther Barn Stage
9pm, 10pm, 11pm Friday and Saturday

A multi-part tournament where celebrity, historical and fictional characters wearing costumes and paper mache masks will duke it out to win a championship belt. Come place your $1 bets on Bob Marley vs. Abraham Lincoln or God vs. Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto!

Megan Mosholder
Illuminated Stanchions

Luther Barn

A mixed-media, glowing three-dimensional drawing installed directly onto Luther Barn reminiscent of flying buttresses.

Bryant Musgrove & Melissa Swantkowski
The Disagreement: Cow Pies vs. Old Gum

The Lantern Inn – 3-5pm Saturday

The Disagreement is a literary reading series featuring fiction, poetry, and memoir. The readers for this event have been asked to select a piece that suits the theme Cow Pies Vs. Old Gum, which suggests the city vs. the country, or perhaps just things you might step. Featuring: Reineke Hollander, Lizzie Harris, Brittany Goss, and Kayla Rae Whitaker.

Emily Puthoff & Elena Sniezek
Wayfinding Series

Outside Maxon Mills – 12-4pm Saturday and Sunday

The Wayfinding Series is an ongoing art work in which artists Emily Puthoff and Elena Sniezek have conversations with people across the country about their ideas of progress.

Kenneth Thomas & Vicki Shaheen
Screaming Weasel

Across from Maxon Mills – 7-8pm Friday and Saturday

Screaming Weasel gives individuals the chance to step out of a crowd and become artwork themselves.

Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin
Spiritus: John Wayne

Maxon Mills, 1st Floor – 12-3pm Saturday and Sunday

Spiritus is a remnant of a long duration action in which the artists repeat every line that John Wayne spoke in his 84 Westerns into clear plastic bags, capturing their breath as a volume of text. During the festival Jake will finish the piece, repeating and capturing several of The Duke’s earliest films.

Sarah Sandman
Gift Cycle

Outside Maxon Mills – 3-5pm Friday

Gift Cycle is an art exchange project between the Wassaic Summer Festival and the Green Corn Festival at the American Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington, CT. Artist, Sarah Sandman, will facilitate the making of gifts and carry the gifts between the two festivals on her bicycle.

Videokaffe (Olli Suorlahti, Sebastian Ziegler, Mark Andreas, Erno Pystynen, Heini Aho, and Andrew Demirjian)
Transatlantic Dialog

Maxon Mills, 1st Floor – 3-8pm Friday, 11am-6pm Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday

videokaffe has created a new interactive sculpture that is in visual communication with a partner sculpture in Finland. The two works will respond to each other’s movements through the use of computer vision, motion tracking and sensors.

Megan Mosholder

Megan Mosholder

Cosmo Design Factory // Architectural Beasts: The Photobooth

Cosmo Design Factory // Architectural Beasts: The Photobooth

Zebadiah Keneally // Fight Night

Zebadiah Keneally // Fight Night

Sarah Sandman // Gift Cycle

Sarah Sandman // Gift Cycle

Emily Puthoff & Elena Sniezek // Wayfinding Series

Emily Puthoff & Elena Sniezek // Wayfinding Series