2012: Return to Rattlesnake Mountain



Location: Maxon Mills
June 17 – September 2, 2012
Gallery hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 12pm – 5pm

Return to Rattlesnake Mountain is the Wassaic Project’s fifth annual summer exhibition.  With five years of housing diverse, challenging, playful, and exciting group shows at the foot of Rattlesnake Mountain, the Wassaic Project welcomes viewers once again to make the trip to the little hamlet that could!

Our exhibition is housed in the beautiful Maxon Mills, the Wassaic Project’s iconic seven story grain elevator turned exhibition space.  The polyvalent properties of the exhibition reflect the openness of the community that supports the organization and encourage lively conversation. From Cuppetelli and Mendoza’s interactive projections on the ground floor, to Jackie Mock’s Americana reliquary at the very top, the Mill is filled with dynamic and immersive art.

Works speak to the building’s unique architecture and current movements in emerging art. Return to Rattlesnake Mountain features over 100 artists including over fifty former Artists in Residence who have come from around the world to live and work in the shadows of Rattlesnake Mountain.

Brad Fesmire, "Luther Barn No. 2"

Annica Cuppetelli and Cristóbal Mendoza, "Notional Field"

Jackie Mock


Kelli Adams, Keighty Alexander, Eman Alshawaf, Man Bartlett, Curt Belshe & Lise Prown,  Guy Ben-Ari, Alexander Bevington, Maximilian Bode, Josh Bricker, Joe Brittain, Dan Carlson, Christian Chapman, Annica Cuppetelli & Cristobal Mendoza, Christopher Daniels, DISORIENTALISM, Brad Fesmire, Fisher/ Leonard, Karen Flatow, Cecilia Fletcher, Hope Gangloff, Patrick Gantert, Daniel Glendening, Kelly Goff, Jeila Gueramian, Libby Hartle, Homesteady, Brinton Jaecks, , Laura Kaufman, Jen Kelly, Matthew C. Lange, Karl LaRocca a.k.a. Kayrock, Amanda Lechner, Eric LoPresti, Rob MacInnis, Evan Mann, Abby Manock, Ashley May, Andrea Mazzariello & Daniel Hai, Brendan McCarthy, Jason Mitcham, Jackie Mock, Andrew D. Moeller, Eliza Myrie, Lindsay Packer, Lorella Paleni, Lucy Davis Phillips, Sarah Nicole Phillips, Johanna Povrik-Znoy, Francis Rabkin, Corina Reynolds, Ida Rödén, Allyson Ross, Kristen Schiele, Emilie Selden, Nicholas Shepard, Millee Tibbs & Michael Woody, Amanda Tiller, Astrid Toha, Ian Trask, Amanda Valdez, John Frederick Walker, Chloe Watson, Isabelle Webster, Brindalyn Webster, Robin Williams, Alexandra Winsby, Jing Yu, Alex Yudzon

Dutchess County Artists:

Robert Brush, Ghost of a Dream, Mollie McKinley, Terri L. Moore, Anders Johnson, Breanne Trammell

**Wassaic Project Artist Residents in bold


Guest Jurors:

Max Bode, illustrator, artist and former art director at the New Yorker
Kat Cohn, co-founder of AD Projects
Jessica Wallen, independent curator

Curators / Wassaic Project Co-Directors:

Eve Biddle
Jeff Barnett-Winsby
Bowie Barnett-Zunino

Ian Trask

Ian Trask

Ghost of A Dream

Ghost of A Dream

Jason Mitcham,

Jason Mitcham, "Three"

Fisher / Leonard,

Fisher / Leonard, "Custom Canes"


DISORIENTALISM, "15Finer_intermediary3"

Robin Williams,

Robin Williams, "Young Michelle Obama"

Anders Johnson,

Anders Johnson, "Stay Pretty"

Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza

Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza

Karen Flatow,

Karen Flatow, "No. 19", courtesy of Ingrid Dinter Fine Art

Karl Larocca,

Karl Larocca, "Beckoning Side To Side And Turned Away"

Lindsay Packer,

Lindsay Packer, "Stampede"