2010: Sea Change

Guest Curated by Alison Zavos

Location: Old Hotel in Maxon Mills
August 12th – 22nd, 2010

Sea Change is a group photography exhibition which examines our complicated relationship with animals and the environment in wake of the greatest environmental disaster in American history, the BP oil spill.

Featuring the work of 26 emerging and established photographers, most of whom are based in New York, the exhibition will be displayed on the beautifully decaying walls of seven rooms in the old Greek Revival Hotel section of Maxon Mills (the Old Hotel).

Highlights of the show include Nadya Wasylko’s image of sunbathers fighting for space along the bank of the polluted Dnipro River in Ukraine; Katie Shapiro’s ‘Malibu Sandbags’ series, which documents a last ditch attempt by residents to save their properties from rising sea levels; Katharyn Addcox’s photographs of women involved in sustainable farming; Kate Kunath’s documentation of beekeepers, signifying the rise of a more conscious ‘back to the land’ approach; and Mark Mahaney’s entrancing image of a mother and fawn frolicking on a manicured lawn.

Seachange, installation shot, 2010


Lexi Adams, Katharyn Addcox, Rachel BarrettSteven Brahms, Timothy Briner, Alexander Diaz, Jacqueline Di Millia, Marten Elder, Charlie Engman, Eva Fazzari, Stanislav Ginzburg, Rob Hann, Zev Jonas, Kate Kunath, Mark Mahaney, Billie Mandle, Annick Rosenfield, Niv Rozenberg, Katie Shapiro, Robert Warren, Nadya Wasylko, Elizabeth Weinberg, Eric White, Margaret Inga Wiatrowski, Geordie Wood, Alison Zavos

Jonas Zev, "Untitled 2"

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