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Year Round Monthly Schedule 2017

Open every Saturday, 12-5 PM year round

*Maxon Mills an Art Nest will be closed for the Holiday Season from December 18 until January 7.

Summer Art Nest Hours, June-September Fri 3-7pm, Sat 12-5, Sunday 12-5

Wassaic Project is now offering free weekly drop-in art activities for youth and their families at the Art Nest! The Art Nest is a free space where kids of all ages can do individual and collaborative art projects, build creative skills, and engage with contemporary art. Wassaic Project staff will be on hand to supervise projects, but children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Each month the Art Nest will have a variety of projects based around different artistic media inspired by Wassaic Artists in Residents. Art Nest participants are welcomed to choose from an array of projects and are perfect for parent child creative teams.

Join us on Saturdays for some creative, community fun! All projects can be scaled to suit the age of your child. Contact if you have any questions, special needs or to let us know if you are bringing a group! The monthly schedule is below.



Start the new year by learning how to design and and make your own puppet out of socks and a host of other everyday objects that we will transform into the most wonderful puppet that you can imagine.  Add a building or tree to our interactive set. Great for parent and child creative teams.



Collage is a very accessible art form that is integrated into a variety of contemporary artistic practices. This month will feature a variety of collage projects to choose from. We will feature a community project that explores the many shades and tones of colors through making a large, collective color wheel. Feel free to bring anything from home to add to it, including your discarded items. We will also have a variety of magazines and colored papers that can be used. We will also make tile mosaics that can easily hang on a wall, as well as a project where you can envision yourself as a robot using all things metallic. Lastly, we will have all the materials to make small lanterns that glow. Add your own unique style and collaged technique.



This month we will explore a variety of processes related to painting. Join us in making your own paints out of natural plant based materials such as: beet, indigo, turmeric, spirulina, coffee, raspberries, blueberries, ash and paprika. Squeeze some lemon acid on your paints and see how the colors change. Add some salt crystals to your painting and see how the paint separates and speckles.  To guide our experiments, we will explore the theme of Op Art and think about geodes.  Also featured this month is the experiencing watching your painting grow through the process of time lapse.



Join us for a month where art making intersects with fun applications of science. We will make intergalactic slime, geometric sculptures made from from sticks held together by hand made play dough, we will grow crystals and much more….



This month at The Art Nest we will make wearable floats and masks for Wassaic’s May Festival on May 20th. May 20th marks the opening celebration of our big Summer show which features 50 artists and our annual block parade.  It won’t be a block parade without you! Feel free to bring anything from home that you would like to incorporate in your personalized wearable float! This month is really about guardian/child collaborative teams working together to make something that really stand out!


Extended Summer drop in hours, projects will be based on artwork in our Summer Show.


Extended Summer drop in hours, projects will be based on artwork in our Summer Show.


Extended Summer drop in hours, projects will be based on artwork in our Summer Show.


Extended Summer Drop in hours, projects will be based on artwork in our Summer Show.



In honor of the month of Halloween, we will bring to life characters that we know and love through making drawings from memory and life. This workshop will explore the basic techniques of figure drawing. Whether a hero or a villain- we will use an array of materials, including paper mache, to create masks and costumes based on our character designs. Costumes are encouraged to be worn on Halloween!



This month will introduce traditional and experimental printmaking processes using non-toxic methods. We will explore monotypes, dry point etching, foam-print plates, and relief block prints. We will print on fabric, paper, or get creative and print on anything we can imagine. These techniques can be printed without a press!


The Month of Making Things for Others

Let’s make things for important people in our lives this month.  We will focus on learning how to hand tool leather items such as:  key chains, earrings, pendants, bracelets, ornaments and necklaces.  If you have an idea for something you would like to make as a present, lets brainstorm how we might be able to do that with the materials that we have. This is the season for giving!

Art Nest

Art Nest

during our 2014 Summer Festival